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Task Analysis

to test your ability to prepare a task analysis, select one of the skills below and write a task analysis of it. follow the guidelines suggested in the chapter for determining the major steps and then subdividing the steps with appropriate levels of detail so that another person could perform the skill. in developing your […]

Hr Discussion

  Total Rewards Knowledge 7: Planning Benefits Strategically Internal and external forces will greatly impact organizational strategies and this is also the case with strategies for planning employee benefits. On page 484 of the textbook, review the list of internal forces that influence benefit strategy and select any 2 that you feel might have the greatest influence and […]

Assignment 3: Strategic Value Of Employee Benefits Programs

  Assignment 3: Strategic Value of Employee Benefits Programs Due Week 8 and worth 170 points  To attract, motivate, and retain good workers, companies need to define what an employee wants from the employment relationship. One way to define employee needs is to consider total rewards, which are everything an employee perceives to be of value […]

Discussion Week 7

  As Chief HR Officer for the company what key ideas would you implement in the company to ensure communication of the compensation plan is effective? Be specific. NOTE: You may not use more than 2 references for your response, and you must comment to a minimum of 1 other student’s response.

Week 7 Discussion

 As important as compensation is to employees so is how compensation is communicated by the organization. As Chief HR Officer for the company what key ideas would you implement in the company to ensure communication of the compensation plan is effective? Be specific.    

Human Resource

The Noe text describes both adventure learning and action learning as methods for instruction. Under what conditions would each of these be most appropriate to use as a team building tool? Use at least one outside source to defend your answer.

Human Resource

Throughout life, you have been exposed to a number of traditional training methods. Briefly describe one experience you have had when the training method was ineffective and a different method would have been more appropriate. Describe why you feel this method was ineffective and what method(s) would have been more effective. Defend your answer, and […]


  Search the internet for Dirty Jobs. This is a television show.  The host, Mike, experiences the end-to-end process of several kinds of dirty jobs during each show, but does not necessarily do them in order from beginning to end. Identify a show with two segments to review. For each of the two segments in […]

Week 1 Project

  Instructions Supporting Lectures: Review the following lectures: Strategic Planning Process HRM Planning Project The project assignment provides a forum for analyzing and evaluating relevant topics for this week on the basis of the course competencies covered. Introduction The fundamental premise of this course is that different organizational strategies require different human resource policies and […]

Write A 5-6 Page APA Paper On Three Similar Or Complementary Emerging Technologies From Gartner. Choose Technology That Is Currently Being Explored (Or May Be Explored) In Your Organization.

  Emerging Technologies Research: Assignment: Write a 5-6 page APA paper (not including cover or references page) on three similar or complementary emerging technologies from Gartner(links for reference). Choose technology that is currently being explored (or may be explored)  in your organization.   Locate at least 5 and no more than 6 scholarly references pertaining to those […]

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