Human Resources Management

Your topic should be related to the reading from the etext.  Once you have chosen a topic of interest, please email me so that I can approve. My suggestion is that you skim through the etext for some ideas. Choosing a topic that you are interested in will make this more enjoyable. You are not limited, you can choose anything related to Human Resources Management as long as it is appropriate.


6 slides

1st slide should include title (your topic of choice) and your name

slides 2 -6 should include one key word that relates to your topic and related picture(s).

Your heading will be the only text allowed on the slide (No bullet points). You will have to know your topic and present based on your research.


Slide 1 Title Page:  Biggest Mistakes made by HR Managers

Slide 2: Hiring

Slide 3: I-9 

Slide 4: Terminations

Slide 5: Compensation

Slide 6: Discrimination

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